About Us

About Us


Founded in January 2004, Barbosa & Cardoso is already a reference company in the weaving sector. With a production capacity of 18.000 kg / day distributed by 66 circular knitting machines, our company offers a vast collection of knitting and weaving solutions with a level of excellence.
Barbosa & Cardoso stands out for the above average response capacity, achieving fast and quality delivery of your orders.
The production unit is modern and functional occupying an area of 3,500 m2. Barbosa & Cardoso have a dynamic team with extensive experience in the textile sector. Located in Barcelos, a major textile production clusters in Portugal and in Europe, Barbosa & Cardoso benefits from a great geographical location.
Product quality, responsiveness, flexibility and advanced technology contribute to the affirmation of Barbosa & Cardoso as a reference in the textile industry in Europe.
Together with companies specialized in textile finishing, we meet the most demanding requirements in this segment of the line.


At Barbosa & Cardoso we want our employees to have the best conditions to make them happy and useful in the performance of their duties. We provide them with continuous professional training in a safe work environment, with access to medical consultations, on a background of professionalism, loyalty and rigor.
The processes and activities at Barbosa & Cardoso have an environmental and social awareness that is reflected in our products being tested in laboratories with which we work. Demonstrating adaptability and availability for change, Barbosa & Cardoso understands the collective challenges of today's society.


Barbosa & Cardoso's mission is to present the best development and production solutions to their clients, guarantee the excellence in the service provided, sustained by the rapid response to customer requests and personalized service, having as main arguments the quality and diversification of the product Combined with fast and efficient delivery.
Moreover, from the beginning of its existence, our company has assumed as a central concern allying the productive capacity to a commercial area very attentive to the evolution of the market and the needs of the customers.


66 Circular Knitting Machines
2 Revising Machines
1 Bobinuary of 10 Spindles.
Daily production capacity - 18,000 kg / day
Daily production capacity - 50,000 M / day

Storage Area - 3500m2
Production Area - 3000m2
Administrative and Commercial Department
Social Area